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PC-Audiometer ProAudio

PC-Audiometer as types OSCILLA USB-310 / USB-330 / USB-350BS for audiometry. Air conduction audiometry, Hughson Westlake test, SISI test, Bone Conduction, Narrow Band Masking.

The audiometer database is integrated at the digital Diagnostic Center software.


  • Manual or automatic test
  • Pulse Tone
  • A range of useful setup features
  • Option of having 1, 2 or 4 audiograms shown at onetime
  • Tone middle value is calculated (500 –1000 & 2000 Hz), or you may set up yourown calculation 100% individually
  • Treble middle values are calculated(3000 –4000 & 6000 Hz)
  • GDT / HL7

Setup functions:

  • Entering set-up you may adapt the performance of the USB audiometer to your individual need, and the software will rememberyour settings until you decide to make more changes or revert to default.
  • The option of calculations has full flexibility making your USB audiometer suitable for any use you may think of withinaudiometry.

Special features:

  • Cursor control
  • Individual settings of your operation keys
  • Option of using operating-pen for touch-screen
  • View of patient normal values

Cardiax Screenshots

Measuring data:
Frequency [Hz]1252505007501000150020003000400060008000
Air max. [dB]709011011011011011011011010090
Bone Conduction max. [dB]304060607070707060500
Masking max. [dB]60801001001001001001001009080

Technical data:
Frequencies / Sound pressure
Frequencies11 frequencies: from 125 to 8000 Hz11 frequencies: from 125 to 8000 Hz
Sound pressureFrom -10 dB to 110 dB in steps of 5 dBFrom -10 dB to 110 dB in steps of 5 dB
Option of selecting/deselecting frequenciesavailable / yesavailable / yes
Tone length0,5 - 2,5 Sec.0,5 - 2,5 Sec.
Selectable start- / stop-level for toneavailable / yesavailable / yes
Manual testavailable / yesavailable / yes
Automatic testSelectable start- / stop-level for tone
Selectable random response-time (2 - 6 Sec.)
Selectable start- / stop-level for tone
Selectable random response-time (2 - 6 Sec.)
Automatic 20 dB testavailable / yesavailable / yes
Automatic 20 dB random testavailable / yesavailable / yes
Automatic Hughson Westlake testavailable / yesavailable / yes
Bone Conductionnot available / noavailable / yes
SISI-Testnot available / noavailable / yes
Narrow Band Maskingnot available / noavailable / yes
G20 Noise I and IInot available / noavailable / yes
Patient response buttonavailable / yesavailable / yes
Headphonesound insulatedsound insulated
Software-Interrfacedigital Diagnostic Center
digital Diagnostic Center
Power supplyUSB-PortUSB-Port
Dimensions150 x 140 x 110 mm150 x 140 x 110 mm
Weight500 g500 g

Inmedico - CE0543 - OSCILLA is a registered Trademark of Inmedico A/S.
DDC digital Diagnostic Center is a registered Trademark of MESA Medizintechnik GmbH and certified as medical Software with CE0297.

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