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Angio Experience Phlebo

What is the AngE Phlebo?
The AngE Phlebo is a 2-channel D-PPG/LRR device. This means, it uses two IR-sensors to perform a venous function measurement.
This allows an easy venous valve incompetence diagnostic.
To start operating the device, simply plug it in to a computer.
Use the accompanying software to create a patient database, record measurements and assign them to the corresponding patient.
The AngE software does not only save the main values, it records the whole measurement and it?s wave providing a better analysis method for further evaluation.

Muscle pump function
Besides efficient venous valve function, also the function of the muscle pump influences the venous state of a patients leg. Only sufficient compression of the leg lead to an efficient transport of venous blood.
In order to evaluate the function of the muscle pump, AngE Phlebo allows to perform a measurement while the patient is walking. Compared with other muscle pump tests (sitting or standing) it?s possible to determine wether physical therapy might advance the venous state of the patient.

Pump Volume and Fill Time
AngE Phlebo calculates the pump volume (Vo) and the venous fill time (To) automatically. The results are stated in a simple traffic light display for a fast overview.
The pump volume indicates how well the patient pumps venous blood, through leg movement, in the direction of the heart.
The fill time says something about the tightness of the vein valves. Defective vein valves lead to a quick backflow of the blood to the leg, which shortens the fill time. Intact vein valves lead to a slow and continuous replenishment of the veins through the arteries.

The AngE Phlebo provides predefined measurement-programs for Tourniquet-measurements.
This means, the superficial vein system is being compressed with a cuff to get it hemodynamically ineffective. Through comparing the measurements with and without Tourniquet, it?s possible to determine wether the venous valve incompetence is located in the superficial or in the deep venous system, thus allowing to predict the prospects of surgical intervention.
The measurement?s results and the vein curves are displayed clearly for a further comparison and evaluation.

Key Features:
  • 2-channel simultaneous measurement
  • 2 x emitter, 1 x receiver per channel
  • Measurement with Tourniquet possible
  • Calculation of pump volume and refilling time
  • Continuous recording up to 200 seconds
  • Integrated database for patients and measurements, combinable with AngE 4-channel oscillography
  • Special examination programm for phlebologists
  • USB powered
  • Credit card size

Fixed Tourniquet

AngE Phlebo

AngE sensors

AngE Screenshots

Technical data:
ANGE Phlebo
Number2 Sensors
Characteristicseach one has 2 IR-emitters and 1 receiver
Impulse Frequency2kHz
Sampling rate+/- 100Hz
Resolution12 Bit
Softwaredigital Diagnostic Center
Main Software Features
Simultaneous measuring 2 channel
Measuring possibility with Tourniquetavailable/yes
Calculation of pump volume (Vo) and fill time (To)available/yes
Continuous recording up to 200 seconds available/yes
Trend of 4x2 recordingsavailable/yes
Traffic light display (red, yellow, green)available/yes
Power supplyUSB-Port
Dimensions50 x 20 x 90 mm
Weightca. 110 g

Brochures, Manual, Demo-Software

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